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Client Services

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Investing for Retirement

  • Developing a customized portfolio to match risk tolerance with the right mix of asset classes to achieve a client’s goals
  • Analyzing a client’s cash flows to develop a plan to meet annual investment objectives for retirement and during retirement
  • Developing a savings and investment plan to meet short and long term needs and wants
  • Minimizing trading and management costs so investment returns are higher
  • Helping clients understand the impact of inflation on their portfolio and future needs

Tax Minimization

  • Maximizing benefits of using different tax sheltered accounts such as 401Ks, IRAs, Health Savings Accounts, 529s, 403bs, 457s, and others. Many Americans are aware of these different accounts, but they fail to understand the details of each type of account to maximize the benefit
  • Designing a portfolio that places the right assets into the right accounts to minimize tax liabilities and maximize returns
  • Helping clients make decisions that will impact their estate taxes at the federal and state level
  • Understanding how personal decisions like real estate purchases impact your federal, state and local taxes and cash flow
  • Assist clients in their charitable giving decisions to maximize the gift and minimize taxes

Insurance Analysis

  • Help clients select the right insurance products for their needs including life insurance, disability, homeowners, umbrella, auto, business, etc
  • Review life insurance products to provide independent advice on the cost and benefit
  • Help clients understand the different benefits of life insurance and the impact on estate taxes
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College Savings

  • Help clients develop a plan to save for their children’s or grandchildren's college
  • Assist clients in the application process to maximize financial aid and/or negotiate with the institution to get the lowest price possible based on merit
  • Provide advice to utilize available assets while minimizing impact on potential financial aid
  • Explain to parents the impact of their child’s college cost on their financial portfolio and retirement needs

Retirement Spending

  • Assessing Net Worth and Cash Flow to determine the proper lifestyle a client can enjoy in retirement
  • Designing a portfolio to provide the necessary income for retirement while minimizing taxes
  • Managing required minimum distributions and lump sum distributions to maximize portfolio returns and cash flows
  • Estate planning advice to reduce stress for your dependents and heirs and to minimize state and federal taxes
  • Establishing charitable legacies by maximizing gifts thru the right vehicles and minimizing income and estate taxes
  • Properly bequeathing your assets to children and grandchildren to maximize the client’s enjoyment and gift

Employment Benefits Management

  • Provide guidance on choosing benefits with a new employer or during open enrollment
  • Help clients select the right health insurance and deductible, retirement contribution, health savings account, flex spending, disability, long term care and more
  • Advise clients on 401k choices, level and time of contributions, and possible post tax contributions or withdrawals
  • Advise on bonus decisions such as liquidating stock and investing the proceeds or delaying a bonus for tax considerations
  • Managing the client’s full portfolio to include employee’s retirement accounts to properly diversify and maximize return potential for a given level of risk
  • Develop a portfolio that considers volatility of a client’s earnings in asset allocation
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Advice on Major Financial Decisions

  • Real Estate – how should a client pay for the purchase? Should a client take out a mortgage or HELOC? What type of mortgage? How does a second or third home impact cash flows, taxes, retirement planning?
  • Estate Planning – how much money do the clients’ dependents need? How does a client minimize estate taxes? How does a client bequeath assets? Should a client establish a trust? What should the client put in the trust?
  • Should a client purchase long term care insurance?
  • Should a client rent or buy a primary home or second home?
  • Should a client lease or buy a car?